Sun N Fun Aerospace Expo

It was a long time ago that my dad volunteered himself and I for Sun N Fun, Lakeland, FL, one of the most popular and biggest airshows in the world. We would be working the trams, Dad as the driver and myself as the conductor. It was incredibly hard work, I worked 4/7 days and my dad (surprisingly) worked 7/7 days! The first night, Monday, we camped at the airport. I had one of the best night sleeps ever! My sisters and I worked different shifts with our dad, and we saw many planes fly. I included a gallery below, I got some pretty nice pics. Thanks for reading, new posts coming soon! <3

Best, Trinity Marie St. Pierre

Baseball Season at Hillside Baptist

Baseball season at Hillside Baptist is one of the most attractive times of the year! The teams, which are 8 vs. 8, head out on Hillside’s baseball field every Saturday to play their game (following t-ball). It’s a fun sport with t-ball for the younger children and baseball for the older. I am involved in it myself, and this is a sport that I’ve never played before, so I couldn’t get much worse if you know what I mean. I have improved so much! Below is a gallery of some players, the female being yours truly. Baseball is one of the most fun sports I’ve ever played!