Sun N Fun Aerospace Expo

It was a long time ago that my dad volunteered himself and I for Sun N Fun, Lakeland, FL, one of the most popular and biggest airshows in the world. We would be working the trams, Dad as the driver and myself as the conductor. It was incredibly hard work, I worked 4/7 days and my dad (surprisingly) worked 7/7 days! The first night, Monday, we camped at the airport. I had one of the best night sleeps ever! My sisters and I worked different shifts with our dad, and we saw many planes fly. I included a gallery below, I got some pretty nice pics. Thanks for reading, new posts coming soon! <3

Best, Trinity Marie St. Pierre

Baseball Season at Hillside Baptist

Baseball season at Hillside Baptist is one of the most attractive times of the year! The teams, which are 8 vs. 8, head out on Hillside’s baseball field every Saturday to play their game (following t-ball). It’s a fun sport with t-ball for the younger children and baseball for the older. I am involved in it myself, and this is a sport that I’ve never played before, so I couldn’t get much worse if you know what I mean. I have improved so much! Below is a gallery of some players, the female being yours truly. Baseball is one of the most fun sports I’ve ever played!  



Fun Spot USA; More FUN Than I Thought!

On March 16, 2021, my Dad and I had a grand time at FUN SPOT USA! Here’s the story, I had gotten a gift certificate to iFly indoor skydiving for Christmas. We finally went on this Tuesday, but the place was PACKED.  And then we realized, spring break!!! So we reconsidered and then drove over an hour to FUN SPOT USA, the funnest place on Earth! Our main goal was to ride the SKY COASTER, which was about 300 feet tall. Oh boy, we got to ride it. I was unfortunately assigned to the job of pulling a single cord which released my (petrified) father and I plummeting into the pond which was strategically placed below us.  We were sent flying through the air, with wonderful screams provided by yours truly. It felt like flying, which was the obvious goal. Let me tell you, I’ll never (EVER) forget that experience. 

The next ride that we went on was the Mine Blown roller coaster. This wooden coaster was incredibly fast and it went upside-down twice. Definitely not what it looked like. That was fun! Then we went to this ride where you got in a big metal thing that was like a plane. It had a large rudder and you could control if you flew right or left. My dad and I then waited for about 30 mins TWICE, so we could ride these go-karts. On the second time on the attraction, I attempted to cut my dad off (who is an experienced go-kart driver) and he knocked me into the wall and I had to get fetched. 

This was one of the best days of my life, and it wouldn’t have happened without my dad and his brilliant ideas. Thanks for everything, Dad! There’s a gallery below that you can check out. Oh, and don’t forget to spread the word. You never know, my blog might go worldwide.  Thanks for reading!

Until next time, 

Trinity Marie St. Pierre



Fun spot USA gallery

I now present to you, the funnest place on Earth!

My First Post <3

Wow, my first post on my official blog! I’m really excited to be starting yet another one. Let me tell you a bit about myself…

I’m 13 years old, and I’m going into highschool. My favorite school subject is American Sign Language, which is a highschool class that I’m taking as an elective. I’ve already had an experience with being an interpreter for a 9 year old Deaf girl! I have 3 sisters, and my parents raise us on a small homestead complete with goats, a horse, and chickens. (We also have 2 annoying cats and one remarkable doggy.) When I grow older, I look forward to joining the armed forces. Thanks for supporting my blog, I’ll definitely be posting weekly and here is a link to my YouTube channel: Trinity Marie St. Pierre

Stay tuned for more posts, I’ve got plenty of topics to choose from! Also, spread the word. You never know, my blog might go worldwide. 

Until next time, 

Trinity Marie St. Pierre